top of page is the only registry that checks
and verifies IP addresses to eliminate the errors
that commonly occur
Benefits for Publishers
  • Integration of into publisher work flows will save staff time and streamline processes

  • All new IPs will be fully vetted and verified before dissemination to publishers

  • IP changes can be pushed out to publisher systems automatically via API  - this prevents the introduction of errors due to  manual entry

  • already contains over 1.5 billion verified IP addresses

  • Improved accuracy of usage metrics

Publishers that support the registry are effectively providing this free service for their customers
Benefits for Libraries
  • Libraries can check the IPs that publishers use to provide access and attribute usage – the data in the registry was supplied by over 150 publishers so provides a valuable snapshot of how access is provided

  • Dissemination of IP updates to multiple publishers at the click of a button

  • Integration of into library work flows will save staff time and streamline processes

If you have questions about using please take a look at our FAQs. is FREE to use for libraries

When IP addresses are incorrect, content is opened up to the wrong customers without payment and without publishers' knowledge. Libraries could be charged more than they should be for resources, based on inflated usage metrics, and could be making renewal decisions based on usage coming from outside their organisation. It benefits all parties to ensure that publishers are using the right IP addresses.

Publishers can hold the wrong IPs for various reasons:

  • Publisher staff enter details incorrectly

  • Library staff provide incorrect details to publishers

  • IPs are deliberately added to accounts in order to hi-jack access

  • Old IPs are left active on the original account is the only service that checks and verifies IP addresses to eliminate this kind of error.

For further details please see the attached presentation.
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