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Press Release

18th October 2023

PSI and LibLynx announce the
launch of Touchstone, a unified
usage analytics solution

Touchstone powers publishing models by providing publishers with unique, granular insights into their audiences and demonstrating the value of their content.

This new partnership between PSI and LibLynx gives publishers exclusive access to PSI’s unique dataset, a powerful suite of data that will engage and empower publishing staff.

Designed for automation and customisation at scale, Touchstone supports a wide variety of interactive and automated workflows, including embeddable reports, API interrogation, and bulk exports.

“We are really excited to be launching this new service,” says Tim Lloyd, CEO of LibLynx “we know from conversations with our publisher partners that there's a need for unified analytics solutions across both open and paywalled access models.”


Andrew Pitts, CEO and co-founder of PSI says “Publishers have been petitioning us for access to the data they need to inform business decisions and communicate success to their stakeholders. We are delighted that working in partnership with LibLynx allows us to provide this data in a wonderfully accessible and usable format.”

18 Oct 23
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2 August 22

Press Release

2nd August 2022

Over 100 Publishers Have Now Successfully Integrated with

More than 100 publishers have now partnered with and integrated services to create an easy and seamless process for their subscribers to both audit and update the IP addresses used to authenticate access to content. More than 80 of these publishers receive the updates via API calls meaning that the updates can be activated within 2 hours of approval. processes over 1200 IP address updates from subscribers every month. Publishers offering service are able to step away from the constant flow of IP address updates and operate a completely hands-free process for managing updates. Publishers have confidence that the IP addresses are being constantly cleaned and updated as carries out numerous background checks to verify every IP address before it is sent to publishers.

Subscribers are given greater control over the IP addresses used, not only to authenticate access to content, but also to report usage of resources. They can easily review which IP addresses are used by which publishers and can work with team to set up hierarchies that accurately reflect how they subscribe to content with various publishers.

2 August 22
Allen Press.PNG

Press Release

11th May 2021

Allen Press and PSI announce Partnership

LAWRENCE, Kan. – May 11, 2021 – Allen Press, Inc. and PSI Ltd. are pleased to announce

a new partnership to bring to the Meridian digital publishing platform. 

Meridian is built on Silverchair technology with full content support from Allen Press. is a global IP Address database for libraries and publishers that contains metadata for over 72,000 content licensing organizations, including over 1.5 billion verified IP addresses. 

“We’re excited to add PSI’s considerable IP management technology to our Meridian platform,” said Mark Kohlhase, Allen Press’ Interim CEO. “Our customers will benefit tremendously from a much-improved IP authentication process in support of their institutional subscribers and we believe will greatly improve our customers’ satisfaction.” 

Headquartered in Oxford, UK, PSI launched in 2016. Over 4,500 organizations now use to manage the IP addresses used to authenticate access to content and communicate changes to multiple publishers and content vendors at the click of a button. The database enables libraries, publishers and membership societies to ultimately streamline the IP management process through reduced errors, improved reliability of usage metrics and even reduced subscription abuse. 
“The addition of the Allen Press publishers to the large and growing number of publishers now receiving updates via will greatly boost the value of our service for content subscribing organizations.” according to Andrew Pitts, CEO and Co-founder of PSI. “The Allen Press publishers can look forward to offering their subscribers a faster and more reliable service while enjoying a hands-free system for processing IP updates from their customers.”
Allen Press and PSI will announce specific plans for an integrated roll-out of at a later date this year. 

About Allen Press, Inc.
Allen Press offers a flexible suite of scholarly publishing services from article submission through final publication designed specifically to support the needs of independent society and association publishers. Our services combine the newest digital publishing technologies, with full in-house content support. 

11 May 2021

Press Release

8th June 2020

Anatomical Atlas Publisher IMAIOS gets Improved Picture of Usage with COUNTER R5 Reporting and PSI Metrics for Identifying Denials

Scholarly iQ today announced that IMAIOS’s January – April 2020 usage statistics for its human anatomy interactive atlas, e-Anatomy and its veterinary anatomy atlas, vet-Anatomy are now available using the latest COUNTER Release 5 (R5) standards at These standards are the latest version of the agreed international set of standards and protocols governing the
recording and exchange of such online usage data, which are used to ensure trusted, transparent and independent reporting of publishers’ usage statistics to libraries. Scholarly iQ are to provide reporting and data management services for IMAIOS.
In addition, IMAIOS usage data will be integrated with PSI Metrics to allow IMAIOS to lookup usage events and turnaways against a database of over 1.5 Billion fully vetted and verified IP addresses for over 72,000 libraries. The service will allow IMAIOS to attribute usage to institutions. Along with COUNTER compliant metrics and the content titles, items, DOIs, authors, etc that are requested by users this provides quantifiable, in-depth information as to which IMAIOS content new prospective
accounts are most interested.

“We’re very pleased to have concluded this partnership which allows us to bring a total transparency to our customers with the COUNTER standard. We chose ScholarlyiQ for its reliability and efficiency. IMAIOS’ e-Anatomy and vet-Anatomy atlases of anatomy are reference databases used worldwide for healthcare professional’s education and scientific research. University libraries provide these databases to their students and teachers, and will benefit COUNTER 5 reports to assess the use of
IMAIOS’s products.” Denis HOA, CEO, IMAIOS.

“Through many years of working closely with libraries, publishers and membership societies we have been able to develop a unique and powerful database. We are delighted that this valuable source of data is being leveraged to provide authors, libraries and publishers with data that will nurture a deeper understanding of organisational readership.” Andrew Pitts, CEO and Co-founder, PSI Ltd

Founded in 2008, IMAIOS is an innovative company in the medical imaging and e-learning field. The cofounders Denis Hoa and Antoine Michaeu, both medical doctors and radiologists, have been recognized as experts in the use of web and mobile software to provide new tools to help healthcare professionals in their daily practice. They received numerous design and scientific awards from the RSNA, the ECR and the SFR.
Expanding from its interactive atlas of anatomy e-Anatomy, and e-MRI course, IMAIOS is also developing a veterinary atlas of anatomy, exam prep tools for ABR Core exam or ECNi, healthcare related serious games, and fully featured managed e-learning platform that is accredited for CME in France.


About Scholarly iQ
Scholarly iQ provides independent, trusted eBusiness solutions to the academic publishing market. Leaders in usage reporting since 2002, SiQ services integrate and deliver meaningful data accurately and on time for better business decisions.
SiQ leverages leading technologies and has a solid team of professionals in online publishing, web analytics, database integration, and web site development, providing legendary client support 24x7 with energy, enthusiasm and commitment. This combination ensures that SiQ continuously provide exemplary customer centric solutions with industry leading people, processes and technologies.
In addition, SiQ actively supports the academic publishing market as a whole through community participation including NISO’s SUSHI Developers Group and Business Information Topic Committee ( , the Society for Scholarly Publishing (, UKSG ( and COUNTER’s International Advisory Board ( For more information, visit

8th June 2020

Open Letter to all University Presidents,

Principals, Rectors, Chancellors and

Vice Chancellors

December 20th 2019

Justice Department investigates Sci-Hub
founder on suspicion of working for Russian

A story in today’s Washington Post reports that the Justice Department has launched an investigation – with both criminal and intelligence-gathering elements – into Sci-Hub’s founder, Alexandra Elbakyan. The article says that a former senior U.S. intelligence official said he believes Elbakyan is working with Russia’s military intelligence arm.

This confirms our worst fears. At PSI we’ve been investigating Sci-Hub for three years. It was inconceivable that

Elbakyan, all on her own, could have funded and run a site the size of Sci-Hub, containing 76 million articles and providing 200 million annual downloads. We have been warning of the risks presented by Sci-Hub for some time, for example here.

From our research with academic institutions and publishers over the past three years, we discovered the scale and scope of the phishing at western universities to obtain the credentials has been truly industrial. We found that Sci-Hub had stolen log-in credentials for 373 universities in 39 countries, including more than 150 academic institutions in America alone. Leading research nations with a high number of compromised university systems include the UK, Canada, Australia and Sweden as well as technical universities in Germany.

The vulnerability of universities to cyber-crime has been apparent for some time and the authorities have been warning about the risks to such institutions in the US and the UK.

Following the Washington Post’s revelations about Alexandra Elbakyan, the question now is what actions should universities take to protect their intellectual property, their faculty and their students?

As a matter of urgency, here are some simple and immediate steps that can be taken to enhance your current security:

  • Block access to Sci-Hub. Make your users aware that by attempting to download content from these illegal and dangerous sites, they are putting their university at risk. 

  • You can block access to these illegal sites by downloading the Outgoing Block List from

  • Download the Incoming Block List from (your academic library staff should already have access to this resource) and protect your university from harmful intrusions by Russian Military Intelligence.

  • Finally, universities must share information with each other about the source of attacks, so that they and other organisations can start to protect themselves and each other.

Please get in touch if you’d like to hear more about any of the issues raised in this letter.

Kind regards,

Andrew Pitts

CEO and co-founder, PSI Ltd

20 Dec 2019
Open Letter 2.png

Press Release

19th August 2019

LibLynx & PSI  partner on real-time
Open Access Usage Reporting

Alexandria, VA - Liblynx and PSI partner to deliver real time usage metrics to organisations wanting to learn who is accessing their Open Access (OA) content.


As the volume of OA content increases, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for OA publishers to know who is reading their content and where that readership is based, especially when developing new transformative deals and providing metrics to funders.  Traditional methods of usage reporting that rely on authenticating user access do not apply to OA content.


The new OA Usage Reporting solution works by capturing and analysing raw usage data from a publisher’s platform.  The organisational source of usage is identified by matching incoming IP addresses against PSI’s to provide organisational detail of users and geographical data for all remote use.  The analysis can also identify malicious access, such as Sci-Hub downloads, by matching data to PSI’s database.


OA usage reports will be available by title, source organisation, organisation type, and geographical location.  Reports can be viewed online or downloaded from any existing website by embedding the LibLynx reporting widget. Alternatively, reports can be delivered as a data feed for ingestion into a third party analytics tool.  Libraries and other information and knowledge managers will be able to access organisational usage data directly from their profile on


Andrew Pitts of PSI said, “Working closely with publishers, membership societies and libraries for many years has enabled PSI to create a powerful database that can be leveraged to provide publishers, libraries and authors with valuable data to nurture a deeper understanding of organisational readership.


Traditional usage reporting tools are slow, inflexible, and expensive to implement and maintain,” said Tim Lloyd, CEO of LibLynx.  “Our lightweight solution is much simpler to implement and delivers near-real time analytics that publishers can flexibly integrate with their existing workflows.


Publishers interested in learning more should contact either party for more information.


- END -


About LibLynx ( LibLynx provides flexible Identity, Access Management, and Analytics solutions to online resource providers and libraries.  We make identity & access as simple as possible and as secure as necessary, and deliver insightful analytics that are on-demand and in real time.  We mitigate the risks of fraud and managing personal data. Our cloud native applications are technology and platform independent, with an architecture designed to simplify integration and facilitate customization.


About PSI ( PSI is the developer of both and PSI is an independent company. Through our work to enable publishers, membership societies, and libraries to work together securely and confidentially towards common goals, PSI has found itself in a unique position to encourage collaboration, communication and innovation across the academic research community. is a single repository of the verified IP addresses for over 60,000 content licensing organisations worldwide. is accessible to both libraries and publishers and is the only registry that checks and verifies IP addresses to eliminate the errors that commonly occur. is a community liaison hub where publishers and libraries can exchange information and warn each other about threats.



LibLynx: +1 202-888-3324,

PSI: +44 1865 849514,

19 August 2019


25th February 2019

Important new EZproxy security feature calls out to PSI’s blocklist for validation


We are delighted to announce that OCLC is using PSI’s IP Intrusion Service block list to provide a new security feature for their latest release. EZproxy 6.5 contains an important feature that incorporates a real-time call out to a security API that validates the IP address of the requester and logs/denies access if the IP address is a known pirate/hacker. This greatly reduces the time-consuming and manual process of scanning log files for hacked credentials. The API calls out to a blocklist created by and validated via is a repository that contains over 1.5 billion verified IP addresses from 60,000 content licensing organizations worldwide. Both and are maintained by PSI Ltd.

The IPs on the list have been identified as the source of spamming, phishing, hacking, and other forms of cyber-crime. The list also incorporates the information identified on the P.R. Butler list. One major advantage of this blocklist is that it uses as a whitelist, giving libraries the power to ensure that their verified IP addresses are not included on the list. Keeping the IP addresses held within for your organisation up-to-date will ensure that these IPs are never included on the block list. We urge all libraries that haven’t already done so to register a user and confirm the IPs held for their organisation.


PSI is an independent third-party organization, which enables libraries, publishers and membership societies to work together securely and confidentially towards the common goals of facilitating legitimate access to scholarly content, eradicating IP misuse, eliminating subscription abuse, and combating cyber-crime.

OCLC is a non-profit global library cooperative providing shared technology services, original research and community programs so that libraries can better fuel learning, research and innovation.

25 Feb 2019

Press Release

19th December 2018

For participating publishers Atypon Literatum uses to offer publishers IP address verification

Atypon is now offering participating customers on its Literatum platform integration with to validate IPs and reduce the inefficiencies and inaccuracies inherent in the process of managing, updating and communicating IP address changes. is a single repository, pre-populated with data for over 60,000 content licensing organisations worldwide. The original data within was the result of a 4 year audit and clean-up of the data held by over 150 publishers. The results of this audit highlighted that 58% of the data held by publishers at that time was incorrect. has now been live for 18 months and during that time has accepted an average of 800 IP updates each month. Each of these updates is checked and verified by the IP registry team in order to maintain the integrity of the registry. Approximately 20% of the updates received initially contain some form of error, this demonstrates the importance of the checking and verifying process. is the only IP registry that checks and verifies IP addresses to eliminate the errors that commonly occur. There are now over 1.5 billion verified IP addresses held within

Through this integration, Atypon is making it even easier for customers to save time and streamline processes by improving the accuracy of usage metrics, using APIs to further reduce the chance of introducing errors due to manual entry, and ensuring that the right content is made available to the right customers.

For further information regarding please visit the website at

PSI is the developer of, and the Due Diligence Bureau. For further information about PSI please see

26 Oct 2018

Press Release

25th June 2018

ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing
2018 shortlist announced

The Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers is delighted to announce the shortlist for the ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing 2018, sponsored by MPS.  These awards are open to any new development, product, service or project which is both innovative and of significant value to scholarly communication. The winners must demonstrate excellence in terms of originality, innovation, value to the community, utility and long-term viability. This year’s finalists are:   Annotation for Transparent Inquiry  from Cambridge University Press in collaboration with Hypothesis and the Qualitative Data Repository Code Ocean  Dimensions from Digital Science IP Intrusion Database from PSI IPV Ltd Journal Publishing Practices and Standards (JPPS) from AJOL and INASP Kopernio from Clarivate Analytics This year was a record year for entries to the Awards with 45 submissions received from 10 countries giving our panel of judges a lot to deliberate over in the shortlisting process. After independently scoring each submission, the panel convened to discuss the merits of each entry from their different perspectives and make their final decision. Chair of the judging panel, David Sommer, noted, ‘The shortlist this year includes an array of innovative solutions that touch on several different aspects of the research cycle including reproducibility, discoverability, integration, ethics and standards. That said, they are united by the fact that they endeavour to address real challenges for the research community and by doing so push our industry forward.’ Audrey McCulloch, Chief Executive of ALPSP, remarked ‘It is great to see that new businesses, established publishers and some flourishing collaborations have all made it on to the shortlist. Innovation is clearly alive and well in many different sectors of our industry. A huge thanks to the Awards Committee for reviewing all 45 submissions and I look forward to seeing the short-listed organizations at the ALPSP Conference in September.’  
The finalists will be presenting their submissions to our panel of judges for further scrutiny and final judgement next month. They will then be invited to showcase their products to industry peers at the ALPSP Annual Conference, a key event in the scholarly communications calendar that brings the community together. The winner(s) will be announced at the Conference Awards Dinner on Thursday 13 September.  Panel of Judges David Sommer, Product Director & Co-founder, Kudos (Chair) Andrew Barker, Associate Director, Library Services, Liverpool John Moores University 
Kivmars Bowling, Publications Director, Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics Astrid Engelen, Business Strategist, IOS Press Lorraine Estelle, Project Director, COUNTER Richard Gedye, Director of Outreach Programmes, STM Pam Harley, Senior Consultant, Clarke & Esposito  Jane Harvell, Director of Library Services and University Librarian, University of Sussex Robert Iannello, Sales and Marketing Manager, ARM Education Media  David Smith, Head of Product Solutions, The IET 
The 2018 ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing are sponsored by MPS Limited.  


The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) is the international membership trade body which works to support and represent not-for-profit organizations and institutions that publish scholarly and professional content around the world.   

25 June 2018

Press release

7th June 2018 has partnered with
Remote Xs to further remove barriers to access


In addition to their existing partnership with Research4Life, has also now partnered with Remote Xs. All of the IP addresses that Remote Xs have supplied to libraries are now loaded in ready to be used by publishers*. This information will allow publishers to provide access to libraries in parts of the world that have previously been “off limits” to many publishers.


All Remote Xs IP addresses are denoted clearly within to provide publishers will the information they need in order to make licensing decisions.


Jatin Baraiya, CEO of Remote Xs says “Remote Xs is able to allocate IP addresses to institutions that do not have the technical ability to implement this technology themselves. To provide security for publishers providing content to these institutions, Remote Xs is able to place access limits by publisher, by institution and by user. Our partnership with is allowing details of these IP addresses to be shared with the growing number of publishers now using”. is the only pre-populated IP registry which now contains over 1.5 billion fully verified IP addresses for over 60,000 libraries. Libraries using can communicate IP updates to multiple publishers at the click of a button. is also the only registry that checks and verifies IP addresses to eliminate the errors that occur when distributing this kind of information. These checks and measures are clearly absolutely vital as an audit of the data held by over 150 publishers, carried out by PSI IPV Ltd, showed that over 50% of the IP data they held was incorrect. It is still the case that, on average, 20% of the new data submitted to is rejected due to errors. is not content to simply store and share information regardless of its value, value is added to the data through the process of vetting, verifying and collecting supporting documentation.


Andrew Pitts, CEO of PSI IPV Ltd (the developer of says “Remote Xs is a simple solution providing access gateways for libraries in parts of the world that have often been denied access to the latest research in the past. This solution also simultaneously provides publishers with the security they need in order to provide access to these institutions.”


The two companies will continue to work together with the aim of breaking down barriers to access and encouraging collaboration between the publishing industry and the academic library world.


* The growing list of publishers now using to coordinate updates includes: Springer Nature, JAMA Network, Wiley, Taylor and Francis, Brill, IOP Publishing, American Welding Society, ASTM, SAE International, ASME, The Royal Society.

7 June 2018

Press Release

22nd March 2018

SiQ and PSI Partner for Reporting the Great Unknown

SiQ and PSI Integrate COUNTER Analytics with IP Registry to Resolve Unknown Usage Issues

San Antionio, TX: SiQ and PSI are delighted to release a new integration of IP Registry data to COUNTER and publisher usage reporting and analytics, significantly resolving the issue in attributing institutional usage to unknown or expired sets of IP ranges.

Usage metrics are some of the most trusted and common measurements used to demonstrate the value relationship between authors, publishers, funders, librarians and researchers, however the provision of such measurements relies on the availability of associated data to match the usage to institutions. This is particularly challenging for Open Access publishers, repositories and for ‘Unknown’ usage where the publisher does not have database entries to match usage identifiers to identifiable institutions.

SiQ, leaders in providing COUNTER compliant usage reporting for over 15 years, has partnered with PSI to overcome this challenge and deliver COUNTER R5 reporting using PSI’s IP Registry database to assign institutional usage by IP address. is the only pre-populated IP Registry containing over 1.5 Billion fully vetted and verified IP addresses for over 60,000 libraries. contains data from over 170 publishers and has been tested by libraries all around the world.

“This collaboration between SiQ and PSI provides enormous potential for all publishers to attribute usage to, and understand engagement with previously unidentifiable accounts. The combination of PSI’s unrivalled dataset and SiQ’s analytics services will transform how publishers identify opportunities and deliver new evidence based acquisition programs.” Stuart Maxwell, VP, SiQ.

The service integrates data with COUNTER compliant usage data to enable reporting and analysis for previously unidentifiable institutions. These reports are delivered in the next generation of COUNTER 5 standard reporting, and via flexible publisher analytics to support internal business intelligence to report trusted, valued data and insight to further business stakeholders. The underlying business intelligence analytics provides click-level usage data that is configurable for reporting against any and all available dimensions including article, item, author, funder, source, topic, location, technical etc as well as attribution to institutional data in the IP Registry.

The COUNTER standard is recognised as the trusted, comparable, independent currency for usage reporting and SiQ has been supporting publishers in meeting these requirements and more since the inception of COUNTER. In addition to providing publishers with reporting supported by this official stamp of trust, including through independent audit, SiQ makes this data available throughout their organisation and to other stakeholders so that insights and decisions can be made on accountable and consistent data.

22 March 2018

Press Release

1st October 2014

STM announces endorsement for compliance with anti-bribery and corruption legislation

  • Anti-bribery and corruption principles released to assist Members

  • Publisher Solutions International selected to lead voluntary compliance scheme 

The UK Bribery Act of 2010 contains a number of important provisions which are relevant and important for the publishing industry – specifically it relates to the process of appointing and maintaining relationships with subscription agents and intermediaries. Similarly, recent efforts to enforce related regulatory efforts around the world such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and OECD’s 2009 Anti-Bribery Recommendations have increased the visibility of anti-bribery and corruption matters and underscore the risks of not implementing robust anti-bribery and corruption policies.     The International Association of Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers (STM) has released a set of principles designed to assist publishers in their efforts to ensure compliance with the UK Bribery Act and related legislation.   
As part of this wider effort to present publishers with a viable means of complying with important aspects of the Act, STM has also recently completed a ‘Request For Proposal’ process whereby several independent companies were asked to present proposals for the services of a Due Diligence Bureau to assist participating publishers in a voluntary scheme with compliance with the anti-bribery and corruption legislation around the world. Following this process, STM has recommended Publisher Solutions International, Ltd (PSI) as part of a voluntary compliance mechanism for its members.  
Accordingly, PSI has been invited to begin the process of communicating with members of STM in an effort to gauge interest within the marketplace for such a program.  PSI will be working closely with STM and the Association of Subscription Agents (ASA) with the goal of enlisting sufficient participation to warrant launching a global compliance program in January of 2015.  
The Due Diligence Bureau program will consist of several facets including: 

  • Compliance questionnaire/survey for all active intermediaries

  • Research via independent diligence databases

  • Local news service audits

  • Credit check/ratings audit 

As part of the program, PSI will conduct an ongoing review of active intermediaries for all participating publishers and will house and provide access to the results of same via a protected database. 

1 October 2014
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