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PSI Gap Analysis

Analyse market potential and identify the hottest potential sales leads
What is the Gap Analysis tool?

The PSI Gap Analysis tool compares your current customer base against a databank of customers subscribing to the content of over 170 of the world's largest publishers. now holds pre-populated profiles for over 72,000 content subscribing organisations worldwide, including parent and child relationships. This collection of organisations includes academic, corporate and government organisations and represents your potential market of content buying customers. This information is leveraged by our Gap Analysis tool to help analyse market potential and identify targeted sales leads.

"We found the Gap Analysis Tool very helpful in terms of sizing up the relevant market and figuring out top prospects"

Susan Haering, Director NEJM Group Licensing

Benefits for your Sales team
  • Deliver highly targeted sales leads

  • Pinpoint new license opportunities

  • Analyse market potential

  • Increase sales and revenue

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