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PSI Metrics: OA Analytics

Know who* is reading your content, know where your readership is based
What is OA Analytics?

PSI Metrics: OA Analytics generates open access usage statistics for publishers and university repositories. Partnership with LibLynx ensures these metrics can be fully COUNTER compliant. With PSI Metrics: OA Analytics you can develop a deeper understanding of your organisational readership.

Benefits for Publishers
  • Know where your readership is based

  • Identify the gaps so you can target new audiences

  • Target new authors – knowing where your readership is based means you can target authors in those locations

  • Let your authors know who is reading their content

  • Identify genuine readership as opposed to downloads by bots, scrapers and spiders

Available in partnership with LibLynx
Benefits for Authors

Knowing about who is reading their research could help authors:

  • Identify collaboration opportunities

  • Find out about related research projects

  • Discover where their research is making an impact

“Increasingly, librarians are interested in COUNTER usage statistics for the fully open access content they are funding. Fully open access publishers can provide COUNTER reports by using PSI’s registry of verified Institutional IP addresses. enables publishers to accurately attribute usage to institutions.”

Lorraine Estelle, Director, COUNTER

“PLOS is using data because we understand the value of usage data along with the need for privacy. We recognise the value that metrics offer in sustaining the long term future of open access and we value the fact that there is no personal data involved in this process.”

Sara Rouhi, Director, Strategic Partnerships, PLOS

“We have found this to be an extremely useful analytical tool to analyze
impact and support our advocacy efforts.”

Kamran Naim, Annual Reviews


Case study:

Kamran Naim, formerly from Annual Reviews, has been a keen advocate of PSI Metrics: OA Analytics. Annual Reviews have been able to develop a specialised business model tailored to both the benefits offered by their content and the needs of their customer base. They have done this with the help of our OA Analytics application which they used to discover exactly which institutions were reading their content and who was being turned away at a paywall.

We are also able to tell them which readers are current customers and which are genuine sales leads.

* Readers are identified by organisational affiliation. We do not track usage, we help publishers to interpret the data they collect. We do not collect, store or share any personal data as part of this process.

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