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PSI Metrics: Denials Reporting

Develop your denials and turnaround your turnaways
What is Denials Reporting?

How many readers have been denied access to your content? This is your potential market. Where are these readers based? These are your potential customers.


PSI Metrics: Denials Reporting is a versatile and powerful tool that allows you to interpret the data found within your log files and create useful, actionable information.

Benefits for Publishers
Denials Reporting provides analysis of the IP addresses attempting to access your content. With this extremely useful service from PSI Metrics publishers can:
  • Identify potential new customers – by analysing who is trying to access content but being denied

  • Provide sales teams with strong evidence – sales teams can approach potential customers armed with the knowledge that there are users at the organisation trying to access content

  • Sales teams can up-sell to existing customers where there is additional content users are unable to access

Available in partnership with LibLynx
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