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The PSI Block Lists

Helping organisations protect themselves from various forms of cyber-crime
The Incoming Block List

This is a list of IP addresses that have been identified as the source of phishing, spamming, hacking, piracy and other forms of cyber-crime.

Once you’ve downloaded this list you can pass the information to your IT dept and ask them to block any activity originating from these IPs. This will help to protect your organisation from intrusions, prevent the theft of intellectual property that can occur during these attacks and reduce the number of phishing emails getting through to your network.

The Outgoing Block List

This is a list of domain names and IP addresses of sites that have been identified as malicious and/or illegal. For example, the list includes the domain names of illegal sites and sites from which malware can be inadvertently downloaded to your secure IT systems.


This list can be used to prevent access to these sites from within your organisation.

Both block lists are updated regularly and should be downloaded on a regular basis.

Benefits for Organisations
  • Protect your organisation from intrusions targeting personal data, research data, intellectual property and other assets.

  • Protect your IT systems and your institution’s reputation.

  • Protect the value of your institution’s research.

  • Reduce the risk of malware infecting your systems.

  • Minimise the number of phishing emails getting through to your network.

  • Reduce costs of replacing infected hardware.

  • Decrease the chances of personal data being stolen and improve data protection.

  • Lessen time and effort expended by staff to resolve issues.

  • Ensure staff and students are using legally available resources.

Benefits for Publishers
  • Publishers also need to protect themselves from intrusions - we've seen an increasing number of intrusions targeting publishers directly, an extensive amount of copy-right protected content has been stolen direct from the source.

  • When a publishers' customer organisations are protected by the PSI block list we are helping to protect the publisher content that organisation has access to.

The block lists are easily accessible via an organisation’s profile page in The incoming block list is FREE to download for academic libraries. Non-academic libraries can download the incoming block list for only £500. An annual subscription to the outgoing block list is available for as little as £200*.

If you're a publisher and you'd like to find out how you can access the data in the PSI block lists please get in touch using the email address quoted at the footer of the website.

*The outgoing block list is available for just £200 for academic and hospital libraries or £500 for corporate libraries.

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