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PSI Data Audit

Enhance your organisational data by cleaning, deduplicating and enriching it with the fully auditable data within Leverage the power of the PSI Org ID.
Cleaning and Deduplicating

Our team of specialists has a huge amount of experience at ingesting data provided by our publisher partners, matching it against the data in and mapping it to the appropriate organisations.

This process involves a full audit and the identification of any ambiguous, duplicated and incorrect data.

Cleaned as standard
Fully up-to-date

Our data is fully auditable and kept up-to-date within by the organisations themselves. We receive and process an average of 1200 updates every month, keeping our data current. Over 9,150* content subscribing institutions have already registered and confirmed their data with us. For many publishers this represents a significant proportion of their customer base and the number is growing on a daily basis.

* number as of Oct 2023

Leverage the power of the PSI Org ID

Many publishers and libraries are already using the PSI Org ID to facilitate the process of setting up access to content. Our Org ID includes a persistent identifier (PID) which can be used for many different purposes. It has been adopted by a number of publishers and is easily and freely available to organisations. Because there is already a genuine use case for this ID it is fast becoming a standard. 

The PSI Org ID can be used across the scholarly communications sector to identify unique organisations and remove the ambiguities that exist between organisations with the same, or similar, names. This identifier can also be used to facilitate communication between systems and increase their interoperability.

The PSI Org ID is already used by many publishers and organisations
Enrich your data

All of the organisations included within are current, previous or potential content subscribing organisations. The hierarchies built within our database reflect the way that organisations currently subscribe to content - they are not based on the way that organisations historically subscribed to print publications. Our data includes the PSI Standard English Name as well as any relevant aliases, acronyms and local language names.

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