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Exposing cyber-crime and sharing information
across the academic research community
What is the IP Intrusion service?

The IP Intrusion service is a community liaison hub where publishers and libraries can exchange information and warn each other about threats via in REAL time

Benefits for Publishers
  • Join the publisher community-driven fight against cyber-crime (piracy, hackers, spammers, password crackers, scrapers and phishing attacks)

  • Stop your content appearing on illegal pirate websites

  • Prevent repeated intrusions through similar access points

  • Assist your library customers to avoid future breaches of their secure networks

  • Address the issue of copyright and trademark infringement sites

  • Keep your content safe with the IP-Intrusion Database

Benefits for Libraries
  • Join the community driven fight against cyber-crime (hackers, spammers, password crackers, scrapers, piracy and phishing attacks)

  • Protect your patrons from potentially invasive cyber attacks and prevent their stolen credentials being shared on the web

  • Protect sensitive content from malicious intrusions and prevent theft of intellectual property

  • Reduce service interruptions caused by publishers mistaking legitimate usage for possible incursions

  • Avoid future breaches of your library’s secure network 

UK Libraries - Did you know that if personal information is breached you have a statutory obligation to report each breach under the GDPR?


You can report it here or you can call 0300 123 2040

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