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Technology Solutions for Collaboration in the Academic Research Community

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about us

PSI is an independent company, which enables libraries, publishers and membership societies to work together securely and confidentially towards the common goals of facilitating legitimate access to scholarly content, providing reliable data through the interrogation of IP addresses, combating cybercrime and working towards the long term sustainability of open access publishing. 

PSI is the developer of, PSI Metrics and

With  publishers and libraries can save time and streamline processes, eliminate errors, improve the reliability of usage metrics, and ensure the right content is accessible to the right users.

With PSI Metrics publishers can access accurate and auditable usage metrics drilled down to the exact organisations accessing content.

With publishers and libraries can join the community driven fight against cybercrime. Libraries can download the PSI block list from their profile page on

PSI is the brainchild of two veterans of the publishing world who hold over 50 years of STM publishing experience.


It was while working for major publishers that they recognised a number of problems facing the industry that could only be overcome through communication, collaboration and innovation.


PSI now finds itself in a unique position to facilitate cooperation among the various stakeholders of the academic library and publishing world for the benefit of the whole community.


PSI Metrics

Denials, views, downloads, turnaways - choose your metric!

Our Services

Publishers can enhance their customer data by deduplicating and enriching it with the fully auditable data within


Publishers and libraries can leverage the power of the PSI Org ID to keep data synced correctly. The PSI Org ID is used to identify unique organisations and remove the ambiguities, that exist between those with similar names.

Picture1_edited.png is a single repository that contains over 1.5 billion verified IP addresses for over 78,000 content licensing organisations worldwide.


The data is fully auditable and accessible by both publishers and libraries and maintained for the benefit of the whole scholarly communication community.

Our Services
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PSI Metrics: Denials Reporting is a versatile and powerful reporting service that allows you to interpret the data found within your log files and create useful, actionable information. Our API will enable a more meaningful analysis with details of which organisations are interacting with your content.

PSI Metrics offers accurate and auditable usage metrics, drilled down to the exact organisations that are accessing your content.

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At a time when it’s becoming increasingly crucial for OA publishers to know who is reading their content and where that readership is based, traditional tools for understanding organisational usage are leaving publishers in the dark.

With PSI Metrics: OA Analytics OA publishers and university repositories can develop a deeper understanding of organisational readership. They can generate COUNTER compliant, open access usage statistics.

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Analyse market potential and identify the hottest potential sales leads.

Access a databank of customers subscribing to the content of over 150 of the world’s largest publishers.

PSI's Gap Analysis Tool compares your customer base against the potential market of over 78,000 academic, corporate and government organisations in


Due Diligence is a legal requirement; all relevant commercial organisations; including publishers and societies, are required to conduct due diligence. PSI's Due Diligence service offers peace of mind for organisations, allowing them to demonstrate compliance and protect their reputation.​

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Join the publisher community driven fight against hackers, spammers, password crackers, scrapers and phishing attacks. Protect sensitive content from malicious intrusions.

Find out about the PSI block lists here.

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We are now working with ImaChek to offer a service helping both publishers and research institutions screen images to detect image manipulation and plagiarism. This will help prevent the damage to reputations potentially caused by publication and dissemination of misleading information. 

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